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Cleaning and Renovation

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Cleaning and Renovation
A headstone, before and after restoration
Our memorials and memorial related products are crafted from the finest scants of granite, but even these sturdy natural materials will over time display the symptoms of constant exposure to the elements (rain, wind, snow, etc). We offer a complete range of services that will keep your memorials to loved ones protected from the elements, hence keeping them as good as new for a life time.

Approximately every five years, your memorial should be checked to ensure that the process of weathering has not obscured the natural beauty and attractiveness of the memorial.

Periodic cleaning is cost effective as the resting place of your loved one(s) is enhanced by a clean memorial and it will be your pleasure to visit and see the memorial in a well maintained condition. We will provide the necessary periodic maintenance. The highest standard of service is a certainty, as the cleaning process is done by skilled craftsmen.

It has been known for some stones to shift their positions or even fall over due to storm damage, or constant exposure to the elements. We can rectify any such occurrences with speed and expertise. Once your memorial is properly secured, it will have a high level of resistance against the elements of wind and rain. The maintenance carried by experts and sturdy materials are used that will withstand the test of time.