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Cemeteries and Crematoria

We can arrange funerals to any given cemetery or crematorium of your choice. (In the case of burials it may interest you to know that in addition to ABERCORN CHOICES the group also owns and administers two private cemeteries in Edinburgh so we are well versed in all types of information about cemeteries).

Many Cemeteries in the Edinburgh and Lothians area belong to different authorities as well as several private cemeteries and these may well all have different rules, regulations and charges. Being a member of the Lothian Cemetery Forum gives us knowledge of these and we are willing to help you by sharing information, if requested.

There are three Crematoria within the Edinburgh area and there are very different individual attributes for each. We would be happy to discuss these and pass on any information that you may require.

After a cremation many people find it difficult to face the fact that there is "nothing there" and "no place to visit" when they are feeling sad and this reinforces the feeling of being alone and that the parting is so final. Even the act of visiting or laying flowers on a grave is a positive step in expressing ones grief and this "allows" you to have a place to cry or be contemplative and have a final point of contact with some essential part of your loved one.

All crematoria and most cemeteries now provide special areas for the interment of cremated remains and more and more people have come to recognise the value of retaining fond memories and the importance of knowing where the ashes are after cremation. This can be marked simply by planting a flower or by erecting a small memorial specially for this purpose.

Garden of Remembrance
It is more important than ever before, to remember those who have gone before.

More and more people have come to recognise the importance of retaining fond memories of those departed and changes in personal attitudes in recent years reflect the preference that now exists for burial after cremation.

Why add to the trauma of bereavement by scattering the ashes of loved ones when you can keep them close... by providing a permanent place of rest in our Garden of Remembrance?

Set in an exclusive location within Piershill cemetery, the Garden offers peace and tranquility in beautiful surroundings enabling you to pay your respects in the knowledge that some essential part of those departed stays with you always.

To complete the tribute, you may wish to personalise the location with a memorial selected from our extensive range of quality stones, specifically made for this purpose and which can be designed and inscribed in accordance with your exact wishes. In doing so, you can commemorate the lives of your loved ones and provide a place of contact and remembrance for generations to come.