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200 Piersfield Terrace, Edinburgh EH8 7BN

About Choices

In the new millennium many people feel uncomfortable with the vestiges of Victorian traditions which most Funerals follow.

Following many years of contact with bereaved relatives and listening to the things that were helpful about Funerals and the things that were not, ABERCORN CHOICES was formed with the remit to give bereaved families options in making Funeral arrangements for their loved ones in a supportive but much less formal way. We believe that if relatives are allowed to choose alternatives which suit their own family beliefs, budget and have personal input to the arrangements that the end result will be more satisfying aiding their grieving process.

With dignity and respect we will use our skill and experience to ensure that all arrangements made by you or your family are followed precisely. Whether the arrangements are made at our funeral home, in your home or an office the service you receive will be personal.

We are familiar with the regulations of most cemeteries in the Lothians and would be happy to answer any questions which may worry or concern you. Our services do not stop at regional boundaries or traditions. Of course, if required, a traditional funeral can also be provided but ultimately the CHOICE is always yours.

Caring for Others
Our staff will, with professional attention to detail, take care of the deceased and their family and friends, with equal importance given to both.

We understand the needs of our clients and with care and concern we will fulfil them. Day or night we will always be there for you.

Premises and Vehicles
Our premises are relaxed and welcoming yet still have all the necessary facilities and accommodation. Our location at the gates of Piershill Cemetery, 204 Piersfield Terrace, Edinburgh, means easy access can be gained to any Cemetery or Crematorium within the City of Edinburgh and our proximity to City bypass means funerals can easily be arranged for East Lothian and Midlothian. The carefully chosen funeral vehicles are specially designed, black in colour and modern in style.